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Archdiocese of Atlanta welcoming a new Eritrean Catholics of Geez Rite Parish

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  • Archdiocese of Atlanta Welcomes Eritrean Catholics Geez Rite
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    The mission of ECGRNA is to play an advocacy role in addressing the pastoral and spiritual needs of the Ge’ez Rite Catholics in the United States and Canada in order to meet specific goals, mission and vision. The immediate goals of ECGRNA is to assist in organizing Eritrean Ge’ez Rite Catholics into parish and mission communities and forming Ge’ez Rite Catholic parish structures according to the norms of the local church and canon law. To achieve the prior goal, it will strive to identify lay leadership in each city who can mobilize the faith communities. ECGRNA, through program design, hopes to empower local communities to run effective and efficient mission/parish programs: children’s religious education and sacramental preparation, adult faith formation, cultural education, youth/young adult programs, etc. As the local communities are forming and organizing, ECGRNA has and continues to request Ge’ez Rite priests from Eritrea to celebrate the sacraments and eventually to become pastors of the Eritrean Catholics in various North American cities. In the future, ECGRNA envisions the permanent establishment of a Ge’ez Rite Catholic Eparchy (Ordinary) in North America. It believes that such an establishment will create a relationship between the Church in the homeland and the Church in the Diaspora, help sustain and unify the religious foundation among Eritrean Catholics in the Diaspora (North America) and teach our children the Ge’ez-Rite tradition.